Kishan Enterprise

Our Health & Safety Policy

Our aim is to make our workmen literate about the safe working habits which are good both for us and our principle employer. We firmly believe that accidents are preventable & can be reduced to a minimum mark by changing our working habits & procedures.
Our workmen are obliged to apply their knowledge and skills, Co-operate closely, exchange information, assist one another, use the personal protective equipments, and observe mandatory standards and procedures to implement this policy.
Our company believes close co-operation & involvement of all our workers to achieve safety, health, environmental objectives.
  • Apart from providing safety training we also conduct inquiries at certain times to check the rules are implemented. This helps us to evaluate our success & regarding which we also make changes in our action plan. Our aim is 0% accident 100% safety.
  • We shall conduct medical checkup (pre-employment and regular post-employment) as per the rules applicable from time to time at our cost (or Company shall pay will be decided) through the Factory Medical Officer. In case any person employed under this contract is found unfit/unsuitable for the performance of duties the company reserves the right to discontinue him.
  • We shall be responsible for the safety of persons employed under this contract and shall provide those required tools & safety appliances necessary to perform the work.
  • We shall provide scaffolding & safety net for the job carried out above 4 meters height.
  • We shall also ensure that all the persons engaged under this contract comply with the safety guidelines of the company. They will not be permitted to smoke and bring tobacco inside the company’s premises.